Every Dog Has Its Day

Hello everyone and welcome back!  I hope you were able to enjoy my last blog post but if not, check it out here.

Today I’m going to share some creative ways to throw a puppy birthday party. My boy turns one in a few weeks and I can’t wait to celebrate! Now we all know any pup would be happy with a bone and a backyard for their birthday and it’s no secret that we throw these parties mostly for ourselves and our puppy parent friends, so why not make it fun for all?

  • Spread the word

How are you going to have party guests if you don’t invite them? There are so many options for puppy party invitations–even ones you can customize!


Zazzle has a ton of pet items, including adorable invites like the one pictured on the left. (http://www.zazzle.com/dog+party+invitations)

You can also find a ton of options on Amazon at very affordable prices.

If you aren’t really feeling the paper invitations, you could always customize an evite, although options are limited.


  • No birthday party is complete without a cake!

I try to shop local when ever possible, so we will be getting Captain’s cake from this adorable pet shop in town, The Bluegrass Barkery, that sells natural treats, leashes, toys, beds and grooming items.

I mean, just look at the cuteness! (photo from Barkery website)


The Barkery also makes smaller cookies that could be used for party favors for puppy friends.

  • Adult approved food and drink

There are some really cute food and drink options that are sure to be a hit for the humans attending the party. Hot dogs, puppy chow and toilet water (blue punch – you can make this adult style or not) all make for a fun doggy themed cuisine!


You can usually find very inexpensive dog food bowls at the Dollar Tree and use them as serving dishes for chips, pretzels, and other snack items.

dog food invite

  • Caution

Please be cautious when it comes to how many treats and goodies your puppy is eating, especially when combining with playtime. Too much food and fun at once can cause an upset stomach — committing quite the party foul!

No matter how extravagant or simple you chose to go when planning and throwing a puppy party for your fur child, remember, it is all about fun (for your guests and your puppy’s guests). Let loose, and have some fun! Your puppy will thank you!



What do you do when throwing a puppy party for your four legged friend? I want to know- Please comment below with your tips, ideas, and stories!


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